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Aktualisiert: 13. März 2020

Recently I got an old KORG M1 which was rotting in the cellar of somebody.

It actually works but makes squeaking noises only-if any and the buttons do not work properly.

I have no idea about technical stuff and synth repairing but I thought this poor synth could be a good start because even if I screwed it up there isn't much money lost and I can still give it to somebody who knows what he's doing ;-)

First I watched some YT videos which cover the topic, one of them was really great. I add the link here, in case you want to check it out.

Disassembling was ok but will I be able to put the cables right back in place again?

Update: I was :-)

Fortunately no mice nesting inside ;-)

I think it should be possible to find the previous owner just by making a full DNA analysis from that stuff!

The keys took a bath and were laid out to dry.

After all dust and dirt was gone I removed the old grease (the white stuff)

...and applied fresh Lithium Grease.

Now that the entire synthesizer is taken apart, I could as well replace the old capacitors and worn out buttons.

Well, MAYBE I could... not sure. I will sleep about it...watch this space ;-)

Then I put the springs back into the (now clean) keys, then back in place. Black ones first, doesn't work the other way round. They work fine now, no sticky or wobbly keys anymore :-)

At work :-)

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