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Update 12.3.2020

Since none of the capacitors showed any signs of being unwell and the last time I did some soldering was about 30 years ago, I decided to leave them as they were. Not a good decision!

After I re-assembled everything I was ready to load up the factory sounds but when I plugged it in again,

nothing happened. When I opened it up again I found 2 burstet capacitors in the PSU board (which were ok before).

Must have happened while plugging in :-( What a mess! The M1 is currently at the keyboards hospital ;-) and I'm looking forward to get it back soon.

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Happy New Year ?!

First I must apologise for being absent for a long time. Had to do some work around the house, building and repairing stables and other stuff that is due in summer. But since the weather turned as wet