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Happy New Year ?!

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First I must apologise for being absent for a long time. Had to do some work around the house, building and repairing stables and other stuff that is due in summer.

But since the weather turned as wet and foggy as it usually is over here in winter I am back to composing and recording.

The last year has been a challenging one for most people and even I, who does not overly relie on human contacts ;-) felt lost at some times.

The band that formed in summer made it through 3 rehearsels only before Covid stroke hard in autumn and we crawled back in our caves :-(

To make the year even worse, my favourite organ/keyboard player Ken Hensley and also his long time band mate Lee Kerslake passed away.

So it's no wonder that I was happy to turn the last page of the calendar and start a new year, hoping for better times ahead.

I updated the Christmas song "It's Up To You", the vocals we recorded in the kitchen ;-) were edited and processed by my dear friend Hermann @Dreamland Recording Studio Marburg and sound so much better now! Check it out if you like to listen to Christmas songs in January ;-)

Currently I am working on some new and not-so-new projects but since it is so hard to find a singer I can't finish them yet.

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