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DIY #2 Bass Traps and Absorbers

Aktualisiert: 13. März 2020

Meanwhile I made some more Bass traps and also some absorbers to put on the walls.

Some are really large and deep, I'm using these for the corners. The absorbers are meant to hang on the walls. They are made from flat boxes.

This one is about 1.80 m high and is supposed to stand upright so I added some wood for extra stability. After a few layers of wool I also added a piece of a box to hold the wool in place and prevent it from slipping down.

Next I wrapped a strong thread (leather thread) in both directions. This will prevent the wool to become bulky and form a belly once the fabric is added.

Fits nicely in the corner!

Next comes the absorber for the wall.

This box was about 4cm high only and the outer measures are 160m x 0.85m so it needed reinforcement, too. Everything else the same as

with the bass trap. Wrapping the thread around it wasn't really fun, tho!

After the thread-part I applied double adhesive on the back along all sides. Then the fabric was layed out and-one side after the other- tightened and glued to the adhesive. I went along the sides with a stapler for extra strong hold.

I had some fabric waste which was enough to cover 2 of the smaller boxes. This was the first box I made and you can see that I tightened the thread too much, the longs sides are slightly curved.

It is of course possible to build a woodden frame around the boxes which will make them look more "professional" but also adds to the weight and I like the advantage of light boxes which can be placed where needed.

In case you want to build some yourself, here's a list of the supplies:

boxes of desired size

sheeps wool

fabric (not too thick, air must go through)

roof battens (if you make large size ones)

double adhesive ribbon



leather thread

patience ;-)

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