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DIY #1 Bass Trap

Aktualisiert: März 13

During the last week I thought about how to optimise the sound in my recording room (would't call it a studio ;-)

The room is rather small and until now I did not add anything for better acoustics.

When I got my new desk-chair today, it was packed in a nice, sturdy box of 0.7x0.6 cm with a height of 10cm which seemed suitable to try making a bass trap. I'm allergic to Rockwool so that was no option. I decided to use wool of my sheep. They are only 3 but they produce a proper amount of wool every year and I haven't got enough time to spin or felt it all. I'm not sure if wool is as good as Rockwool but it's natural, non-itchy (except if you are allergic to Lanolin, then better stay away from it).

So here we go:

First I removed the lid of the box and added some small "bridges" for the second floor to rest on because I wanted the bass trap to have an empty space on the back side.The two parts of the lid will now make the second floor.

I applied several layers of sheep wool, first layer horizontally, next one vertically and so on until it had approximately the height/density of Rockwool.

It will settle down in its new home ;-) over night and I hope I can make the fabric cover tomorrow!

To be continued :-)

Meet Emma, one of the kind wool-donators ;-)

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