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During the last months I have been really busy working on the songs for the CD.

To be honest...that project grew a lot since I started and I actually didn't expect myself to hold on to it for such a long time and still have fun.

I used Apple loops or Band In A Box for guitars, EZ Bass and the (great!) Logic drummer combined with Superior Drummer. But somehow I was never really happy with the sounds. Some of the guitar loops have already fx, lots of reverb which is impossible to remove. That means that often the guitars in the same song sound very different and it's difficult to find a good place in the panorama. Overall, the songs sounded plastic-is and I was missing the vibe of vintage Prog or Hard Rock.

A few weeks ago I had a talk with a friend who gave me a few tips for mixing (thanks, Siegfried, very appreciated). He recommended to use real musicians for all instruments (except keyboards, of course ;-).

I was hesitant. My experiences looking for singers on various platforms were mixed and rather tend to the negative side. But after he provided me a few demo guitar tracks he recorded, I had to admit that it was a step up in terms of sound and playing! The decision was easy: everything I can't play myself will be played by real musicians with the bass being the only exception on some songs.

That means the project will go on for a bit longer than I expected but that's no problem. Besides having better sounding instruments I enjoy working together with musicians from other countries.

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