Music, Lyrics:  Pandora Project

Vocals:  VOCALOID virtual singer

Guitar: LOGIC Pro X Samples

©2019 Eleonore Pongratz

Unfortunately I cannot sing so I always rely on finding a singer to finish a song.

To be more independent or to be able to produce at least a temporary melody line I decided to try VOCALOID, a virtual singer.

It really is a great tool but it has one big disadvantage:

the voices tend to sound robotic/girlish/artificial (well, they ARE ;-).

I think it is rather suitable for modern styles like Techno, Hip Hop...

There are some YT videos using VOCALOID that are fantastic, the voices are ALMOST like a real singer but still only "almost" and it takes a lot of time and practise to make the voices actually sing.

Talking about vocals... I have never thought about  how complex the human voice and articulation is. It is only now that I realise the subtleties of breath, intonation, pitch, modulation and so on and how they affect the sound of a voice.

This is my very first attempt using VOCALOID and this style of music is "unknown land" for me so please bear with me! The song is a Work In Progress, I'm changing the vocals according to my progress using VOCALOID.

The lyrics...oh well... let's just not talk about it, ok ;-)

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Man:  Woow...

Check the mic make sure it sounds right, boy!

Girl: Move your body to the rythm of the night

     Dance, dance.

Boy: 2000 people on the dancefloor

      Jumping up

Girl:  F*** the future,

Boy: Bulls***

Girl: F*** the past

Boy: what? 

Girl:  F*** the future

Boy:  No, no!

Girl:  F*** the past

Man:  Stop it, girl!

I think it's safe to say that I will NOT win the

Nobel Prize In Literature. Not THIS year ;-)