There is a small possibility for me to play in a band again :-) but how about rehearsing?

Is it actually possible now?

I called the local Health Center to get information and advice.

Here's what they said:

Rehearsing is possible if you follow these rules:

-all members have to wear a mask

-distance of 1.50m between the members

-brass is not allowed because of the enormous spreading of aerosols

-singing is not allowed unless there is a shield between the singer and the rest of the band.

Ok, given that my rehearsel room is about 40 m², distance should not be an issue.

The singer... well, singing out of one of the windows would be a possibility but I guess neighbours might not be amused - wait... did I hear anybody say 'depends on the singer' ? ;-)

So I decided to build a No-Corona Shield.

Build a frame from roof battens

Add a third batten at about 1.30m down from the top (forgot to take a pic).

This is necessary because the transparent table cloth is only 1.30 wide and must sit on a batten, too.

Glue adhesive band all the way round the frame. I did it because I was planning to add a ribbon around the frame to cover the stapler nails and to prevent the plastic from ripping when only secured with the thin stapler nails.

You can omitt this step and just use the stapler if you don't want to have a ribbon around the frame.

Cut the table cloth a bit wider than neccessary and place it onto the frame.

Now pull off one side of the adhesive and carefully press the plastic onto the frame. Get help with that, working with the wobbly stuff is a pain in the arse, really! After the plastic lays nice and flat without any wrinkles or bubbles, use a stapler to secure the plastic on the frame. Cut excess plastic.

I ironed double adhesive stuff onto the ribbon ( it's called "Vliesofix" in Germany.

Then I pulled off the back side of the double adhesive and ironed the ribbon on top of the plastic. If you do this step, be extra careful! The iron has to be hot to make the ribbon glue but the plastic can easily melt. So iron on the ribbon ONLY and take care not to touch the plastic.

Here's the finished shield.

You can see the middle batten that holds the plastic that ends at about 1.30m from the top. It is of course possible to cover the whole frame but then you have to buy the complete length and since the plastic is 1.30m wide only you will have a lot of waste.

The feet are made from an old board, cut diagonally. One points forward, one backwards, very stable stand.

Thanks to my nice husband ;-) who helped me with the woodwork ( I'm so scared of the electric saw!)

Hope you like it :-)

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Today I tried for the first time to mix a song all by myself:

# Toilet Paper Gate, you'll find it in 'My Music'.

Except for the fact that I am totally deaf now ;-)

I think the result is quite ok for a first try.

I need to learn more about compression and

vocal-recording and busses and auxes

... well, just everything :-)

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During the last weeks I am very busy sewing face masks from fabric scraps for family and friends.

I found some music-related fabrics in my stash and ta-daa... here's the

Musicians Edition

As you can see, it's a very limited edition but I already ordered some new fabric and will post pics of the available masks here.

I don't want to make money with it but I ask you for a small donation to support


International Musicians Aid

Here's how it works:

1. Drop me an email, telling which mask you want.

2. After I tell you wether the mask is still available, make a donation (minimum amount 3 €) and send me a screenshot of your donation form.

3. If you are located around Marburg (Hessen, Germany) you can pick up the mask at my workroom (contact-free, of course ;-) Everybody else can also send me an envelope with your address and stamps (sufficient, please) and I will send the mask to you.

Please understand that I can not make any reservations or pre-orders, I can only sew a few each week.

The masks are made from 100% Cotton (Guitars is made from Cotton-Jersey) and are washable with 60.0 Celsius.

No guarantee, no refund!

These are available at the moment (from left to right):

1. Guitars (4 available)

2. Retro (sold out, sorry)

3. Brass (2 available)

4. Piano Cat (2 available)

5. Notes (1 available)

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