​About me:

I was born1953 in Marburg/Germany and I'm still living in the area.

My musical imprint clearly is the Rock Music of the late 60s and the 70s, especially Progressive and Hard Rock bands like Genesis, Nektar, Eloy, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple but I always had a soft spot for songwriter/folk music like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, James Taylor, Leonhard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

Nowadays I also like listening to SUGIZO's music, a brillant and versatile Japanese musician who takes part in several interesting projects.

The musician that inspires me most is without doubt KEN HENSLEY.

Not only for his unique organ sound and playing but also for his beautiful lyrics.

His music never ceases to touch my heart.

It was in1978 when I was literally thrown into a Band as a "substitute" keyboard player and being classical trained (means being used to play from sheet), it was a shock. The random chords thrown around in the rehearsel room and the casual advices of my band mates "just do something nice with it" frightened me.

In the beginning I was never satisfied with what I came up with,

in my ears it all sounded anything but Rock and it took me a while

to realise that the strong contrast between the two Hard Rock style guitars and my classic/ambient keyboard playing wasn't a bad mixture.

We produced 2 albums with our own songs, had a great time on tour in Bavaria and Austria and played quite a few gigs.
I left the band after 4 years but SOFTEIS still exists after 40 years!
Then there was nothing.
Well, at least in terms of music.
I finished University, worked as a Special Education Teacher, had a family and making music was out of reach for a long time.
Too long, to be honest.
Two years ago, after more than 30 years and with the prospect of soon becoming a pensioner, I tried to find a band again but sometimes projects just turn out to be a big flop, despite best efforts. Well... no hard feelings ;-)
A bit disappointed but not willing to give up on music again I started recording some ideas.
You will find some of my songs here and -if you are interested- you can take part in my journey through Home Recording, Mixing and all that complicated stuff which has to be done before the release of a song.
A lot to learn for me and I often hear "you are just too old" but I do it anyway!
It's a fun project so don't take it too serious ;-)
Ken Hensley



I'm the one with the SHORT hair ;-)